Mosfet presentation

We are glad to announce the signing of a distribution agreement between TH NEON ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS LTD. and Chinese company Oriental Semiconductor

Oriental Semiconductor is the owner of a large number of patents for manufacturing of low-resistance MOSFETs under GreenMOS ™. 

The Oriental Semiconductor technologies allow to produce Semi-Floating Gate transistors analogous to CoolMOS  by INFINEON, D-WELL by SILAN etc. 

The CEO of Oriental Semiconductor Mr. Gong Yi will attend Power Electronics exhibition in Moscow and will make a presentation of the company on  October 25. 

NEON-EK Bulgaria is planning to invite Mr. Gong Yi to Sofia to make a presentation of Oriental Semiconductor at 15.00 on Thursday October 26. So we ask our European and Bulgarian partners to kindly inform us of their interest in attending a presentation and participating in a workshop.

Register for the event here